Nesting Dolls

One of the most individual and special gifts one can make his/her loved ones: personalized Nesting Dolls. Or how we say: Matryoshkas 🙂

After your order, I will give you a mailadress, where to send the photos of the persons, you wanna have eternalized. We can talk about Backgrounds, Colours, Hobbies and special specs of each person.
Normaly it takes 3-5 days to finish the Nesting Dolls, cause Colour and Furnish have to dry fully.

Please don´t hesitate to order now, as there could be waiting lists before christmas, and then it gets tricky to deal with all the orders. Nevertheless, I will try to fullfill everybodys wishes in time! 🙂

The Pricing List is like following:
1 Doll 35,00€
2 Dolls 70,00€
3 Dolls 105,00€